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What Needs to be Considered Hosting Your Own Web Server ?

HOSTING : Are you disgusted or disappointed with your current web hosting ? Perhaps you have switched web hosting companies too many times? Perhaps you have thought of hosting your own website(s)? Are you experiencing the ambition to control and manage your own personal web server? If you answered’yes’to the questions above, then you might be prepared to hosting your own personal sites.



Wordpress hosting

HOSTING : Are you disgusted or disappointed with your current web hosting ? Perhaps you have switched web hosting companies too many times? Perhaps you have thought of hosting your own website(s)? Are you experiencing the ambition to control and manage your own personal web server? If you answered’yes’to the questions above, then you might be prepared to hosting your own personal sites. This informative article provides you with things to consider while making the switch. When being your own personal web hosting you should be technically inclined and have basic knowledge of os’s, understand technical terms, discover how to setup a server environment (such as: DNS, IIS, Apache, etc.) have basic knowledge of scripting languages and databases (PHP, Perl, MySQL, etc.), be acquainted with current technologies, and have a simple knowledge of hardware and server components. You should realize the professionals & cons. It is something to express, you wish to host your own personal web server and it’s one more thing to actually do it.


  • Own sense of responsibility
  • Awareness level raised (you have reached the frontline of most server happenings)
  • No monthly hosting fees/accounts
  • Incompetence no further exist
  • Non-shared environment (dedicated server)
  • Unlimited websites, databases, content, storage, etc.
  • More bandwidth
  • No longer waiting on somebody else time
  • Complete control
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  • Exhausting occasionally
  • Confronted with server/hardware problems
  • ISP business account (monthly business/broadband expense)
  • If server goes down then the web site is offline
  • No tech support team team
  • Software, hardware, and network expenses

There may be additional pros & cons but I’ve described a number of the major ones. Managing a website server starts as a full-time job, you need to constantly monitor its performance and security. This may sometimes be an exhausting task, particularly if you actually have other responsibilities. Though, the control you will have over your website and its performance is rewarding enough. So long as have to wait for tech support team or approval to set up a script onto the server. You could have as much websites and databases you would like, provided that your hardware can handle it. So long as need certainly to go into the discussion forums and search for the best web hosting or rant about just how much you hate your overall host. You may even begin hosting family & friends personal websites.

Hosting Definition

Consider, how technically advanced are you? Often you may not have to become a tech guru or anything of the type, but you need to be very resourceful. You should know how to find resolutions and answers to problems, quickly and efficiently. This means you need to be internet savvy. Not merely the common surfer, who surfs aimlessly, nevertheless you ought to be the surfer who will always find what they are looking for. This is key, because with any server environment you are going to encounter problems and choosing the answers are most accomplished online, using multiple resources, search techniques, and engines. Sure you are able to hire anyone to fix your problems, but as we ought to have discovered from the “web hosting“, having someone do it for you personally isn’t always the most effective option.

This is a test to see if you should be ready to get solutions. I require a means to fix a Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Event Error – “Event ID: 1056?? it??s a DHCP Server Error. How can you search? Go ahead discover the solution. Did you first head to Google? If you did, which was a wonderful effort and common for most, plus a good place to begin, but usually it is best to begin at the developers’website. In this case “” would have been the first option. Why? Google would more than likely offer you the clear answer from Microsoft and other sources, but that you don’t want to get inaccurate information from other sources. It is common to obtain information from Microsoft that could not specifically resolve your trouble, but the developer should continually be your first place to find the answers.

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Web Hosting

Now search the error again and head to the Microsoft site and discover the solution. What search phrase did you use? It should have now been Event ID: 1056, since the Event ID is the actual error, it pinpoints your exact problem without broadening your search. Sometimes the error description can also be appropriate to locate, just the error description alone or in combination with the Event ID. This will depend in your error, your search feedback, your ability, and technique. Because of this example I did not are the error description. Google or Yahoo! should have now been your second option (the two largest search engines). Then search other smaller and niche search engines. An excellent search site which makes use of Google??s operator tags is Next you ought to search within forums and discussion groups.


If you should be pretty internet savvy and have a plentiful or few forums and discussion groups that you frequent then you definitely might actually visit those places before visiting Google or Yahoo !.You may even visit those before visiting the developer site since it is just a trusted source, but I wouldn’t recommend it, I still would head to the developers’site first. Okay, so we now have planted our feet and have familiarized ourselves with being internet (search) savvy. We’re ready to get a server! When getting a server purchase you need to consider some things before doing so. Things to buy? A top notch, quadruple processor, and super fast turbo server is often ideal, but many times it is far from logical or affordable. Therefore, you need to weigh what you can do (sensibly).

Buy Website Hosting

  • First determine your budget. Be sensible about and expect to pay not less than $2,500 for your low-end server. For the low-end, quality server with needed equipment and services I spent somewhat over $4,500 easily.
  • Determine your ISP (broadband) provider. Research and consult with a number of different vendors before deciding which broadband solution suit your needs. Each provider plan is different and contains different benefits, determine the top one which inserts your needs. Bandwidth should be put into mind when scouting for your ISP.
  • A backup device should be purchased before implementing a server install. The backup device must be quantity server storage space. This may well be a standalone unit to be an external hard disk or network storage device or even the backup device might be multiple devices just like: backup tapes, disc, etc. The main reason the backup device must be larger is mainly because you want so that you can have months valuation on backups rather than just weekly or monthly backups. You should have not less than 24 weeks of backups without the concern of storage space. The backup device or safe deposits also need to be external, removable, and portable. This is therefore the backups is usually residing in an online location. Usually for safe-keeping, in event of the theft or disaster.
  • * Determine your day-to-day traffic goal (the daily traffic which you aspire to see within 1 year ?C be realistic), divide that number by the daily traffic you currently receive, and after that multiply that number by 5. That’s the total volume of GB space you need.


Daily Traffic Goal: 10,000 (Divided by) Current Daily Traffic: 500 (Times X) 5 = 100GB

Inside example you should purchase a 100GB Hard Drive, it’s always best to buy 2 if not more drives oppose to 1. In cases like this, since 50GB drives tend not to exist or harder to get, you should buy two 60GB drives offering you an overall of 120GB. 2 if not more drives are frequently needed inside of a server to configure the correct RAID option, in some cases 3 if not more are needed. Your backup space for storage must be the very least capacity of 200GB (or 240GB, optional).

  • Determine your memory. Should your web server daily traffic goal is 500,000 then I recommend not less than 2GB valuation on memory. Whether it’s a shared server, meaning furthermore, it has other server services running on the machine, especially a mail server or database server (which is not recommended) then a memory should not less than be 3GB or more. Or perhaps you can think small, and upgrade as needed, a 1GB thumb drive must be for starters.
  • Determine your network components, which NIC card best performs under high traffic levels and which router best performs for a LAN / web server. I suggest you go for a router along with a built-in firewall (commonly termed as ??hardware firewall??). Your ISP may provide you with router or hardware firewall, this is why they’re able to authorize your traffic for their network. Just like a cable box does for cable television. The router also shares your IP address with clients upon your network. This permits you to share your web connection not having to buy a different IP from your very own ISP. The hardware firewall is only a router having a built-in firewall, which means it shares your IP address plus provides added protection for the network. It blocks bad addresses and ports within the forefront, before it could possibly even make it to your computer. It is not recommended to rely only even on a hardware firewall for security, this is simply the first step. It’s commended to add a software firewall (firewall software which installs upon your computer) and it’s advocated to carry on studies timely security practices, which include updating and patching the body even on a scheduled routine.
  • Determine your processor speed and power. No matter the sum of traffic you’re expecting To get the cheapest a dual processor or greater. A dual processor or greater is ideal because if you are website unexpectedly start then you will end up well prepared considering the fact that you hosting other server options or websites on the same server then you could have better performance. When this writing the 64-bit platform is definitely the processor direction. 3.8GHz is easily the most available speed. But if the pockets can pay for the latest technologies then which is ideal, but try to remember at this specific time a 64-bit compatible processor is not required, not having many applications that requirement or deliver on it platform. That is a lot of speed going no where fast. Also, remember the effectiveness of the 64-bit platform along with the greater the processor speed the greater heat it creates, then it have to be cooled a lot more rapidly and efficiently. At the moment a dual 32-bit, 2.8GHz ?C 3.2GHz processor will suffice (even which is considerably more than enough). Though, if you are pockets can pay for it then the latest and greatest could possibly be fine, you will end up well prepared. Otherwise, do like lots of people and upgrade when the time period comes.
  • Make sure there are a CD/RW drive. A floppy disk drive isn’t needed, but I do recommend it for making system restore disk. The CD/RW drive it can take because you will need some kind of removable storage device. That knows when you need to put in a driver from a better location??as a ethernet driver. An external CD/RW drive is the best choice, especially for those who have multiple machines.
  • Choose your computer carefully. Select the vendor which you are beloved with. Tend not to pick a MAC if you never used a MAC before. Just because your friend suggests it and says it is usually a piece of cake does not necessarily mean it can be for you. You are trying to buy a web server online not re-learn a completely new system. Purpose and grounded. If you’re confident with Microsoft then match Microsoft, regardless if the IT person at your task says Microsoft backpacks are unsecure, Linux or Unix is safer and far better for the web server. If you haven’t used Linux or (especially) Unix then you definitely will be in for the ride on your life. Your web server experience will soon turned into a nightmare and you will have wasted a lot of money on equipment. Go in doing what you recognize, not what you are currently told. Each platform has good and bad points: Microsoft is definitely the user-friendly of them all; Mac is definitely the web/graphic developer of them all; Linux is definitely the open-source/developers paradise of them all; Unix is easily the most secure of all. Every can be tweaked in manners to provide a solid, quality platform, it’s best to stick in doing what you already know.
  • You must install on the body all the internet services (such as: Apache, IIS, etc.), applications (such as: backup device software, RAID (Array) Manager), scripting languages (such as: PHP, Perl, etc.), CGI, Database (such as: MySQL, Microsoft SQL, etc.), and a web log analyzer (such as: weblog expert, nihuo, etc.). It can also be recommended to do system updates, security patches, and firewall installs and configurations. It may also be far better leave the security installs and configurations for when you have the device functioning properly to prevent any uncalculated problems. In this way once you install the firewall and something stops working properly like connecting to your website from outside your network, you can troubleshoot assuming that it’s the firewall, therefore you would begin by opening port 80 on the firewall. This process can save you lots of hassle, but will often be viewed the unsecure method, especially if you don??t have an equipment firewall already in place.

Next, there are certainly a few what to consider before installing and configuring a server. Where to put it? A secluded, cool location is ideal, but if this can’t be accomplished then adjustments could be made.

Website Hosting Location

  • Locate a location within your home that is static-free, we do not want to put the server on the carpet, near curtains, or other things that could produce a static reaction. The reason behind that is that you may not want the server internal components to receive a static charge and short circuit.
  • The positioning should be considered a cool environment, preferably below room temperature. The reason behind a very good area is because servers (as well as desktop computers) produce large amounts of heat, the more heat it produces the more it needs to cool off. If the server isn’t kept cool, then this may cause the server hanging and then eventually crashing. Oahu is the same result of whenever a car overheats, it stops running. You are able to keep a server internal components cool by keeping the room cool, additionally you could add more fans to the server which cools the server internal components, you may also position a standalone fan directly at the server back panel and constantly have the fan cool the server internal components. Depending how cool your room is and simply how much heat your server produces, getting more fans for the server might be a must and not an option.
  • It is suggested that the server is at a higher level within your property (mid-floor), because if it’s in the basement and a flood occurs it could ruin it. If it’s in the attic and sunlight beams on the attic all day the server could overheat. Mid-floor level is generally the cooler place within the home, but these recommendations is optional and you ought to put the server in the absolute most comfortable and convenient space following a remaining portion of the guidelines.
  • Be certain the area you select isn’t damp or wet (no leaks, moisture, near any liquids, or near a screen ??especially open??). All of us know exactly what do happen when electrical components get wet.
  • The server should sit at the least 4?? inches from the bottom
  • Be certain a working electrical outlet is near. It is an important to own a power, a great brand is APC. Having a power can save you from electrical outages, blackouts, and brownouts. Having a power helps the server keep its power, remain stable, and unaffected if you have an outage, as well it protects your server against electrical shock. But if your outage remains in excess of 5 minutes it is advised to begin driving in reverse anything deemed important and shut laptop down voluntarily along with any other electrical attached devices.
  • Use a LAN line near together with a phone jack (if you consider utilizing the server for just about any dial-up services). It isn’t recommended to use your web service that has a dial-up connection. A broadband connection or greater is recommend for optimal performance. The LAN line should not derive from your wall and plug straight into your server, it needs to plug right hardware firewall (usually a router that has a built-in firewall).
  • With regards to the size in the server and the interior components the server may very well be extremely noisy and loud, especially while using fans going. It is suggested to own server inside a secluded location which isn’t near any peaceful area of the property, for example: bedroom.

Those are some rudimentary things to consider before hosting your own server. Hosting your own server is not a simple task, but once a person has had efforts and expertise in it, it turns into a breeze. You’ll find a better web hosting experience, you may well be more in tune and reliant in your customers, and you should gain greater technical aptitude. Hosting your own web server is rewarding, useful, and give you the opportunity hosting unlimited websites, databases, services, etc. But if your online traffic becomes too ideal for your server it’s recommended to settle on an offsite web hosting . It truly is recommend to purchase a dedicated server that has a quality web host. If you choose a server while using above recommendations your server traffic really should be fine for not less than about 25,000,000 page views per month.

Domain Hosting

It would be greater or less based on your operating-system, your server configuration, performance, applications, and services. The point is you ought to be well capable of purchase dedicated server space once your traffic gets too big, since if you are receiving anything close to 1,000,000 page views on a monthly basis you will have some competitive advertising or ecommerce income. And plus, while using knowledge you may gain from the action you should be able to support your very own server at a dedicated server (remote) location, thus cutting more overhead. The biggest disadvantage of hosting your own web server could be the uptime reliability. But if your web server powers down for any reason then your website is offline.

Usually web hosting companies have methods and networks to stop this failure from inside your website. Usually if your system goes down there is a mirror location where your internet site is rejuvenated and doesn??t experience much downtime. Some web hosting never practice using this method and other fault tolerance. Imagine if a blackout or power outage occurs, your web server can be down all day or perhaps days, this make a difference your organization greatly. You will discover some hosting companies who provide mirror web hosting for a fee, I haven??t found engineered to be reliable yet. Or you might cross your fingers and hope for the best, until you possibly can host your server outside your home with a larger network.

Hosting your own server usually isn’t a money-saving experience. It sometimes be more pricey to host your very own server, whenever you total the up keep and maintenance. The blessing of hosting your own server can be quite a better platform on your customers, because it is no longer a shared server and yes it offers you the opportunity to make global changes almost instantaneously. When your web visitors request more performance or specific applications, in which case you should be able to implement this immediately. Customers like to find out that movie control. If you tell your web visitors how the server will be down for maintenance from 6 a.m. ?C 7 a.m. then it could be best if that is when your server is down, not from 5 a.m. ?C 10 a.m. You understand how your web hosting will show you the one thing and then you need to use explaining it in your customer. In the long run it can benefit someone to hosting your very own web server for a business online, this helps you and the customers.

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Buyung Afrianto (UCLA ’26) is a serial technopreneur who founded Buyung Technologies Co., Ltd, a holdings company that owns:™ | The latest daily blog site that presents news of the day and the latest news around the world to finance, lifestyle, automotive and sports news. And a very profitable Instagram channel @BuyungAfrianto also Twitter Account @BuyungCo . By doing what he love for living, he brings new meaning to the art of freedom. If I can be of any help or if you would like to do business with me, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Website Submission and Search Engine Ranking

WEBSITE SUBMISSION : Here is the first in some tutorials built to assit you improve your website positioning and se ranking in top search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. In this tutorial we are taking a look at website submission which include the right way to perform manual website submission.



Free website submission software

WEBSITE SUBMISSION : Here is the first in some tutorials built to assit you improve your website positioning and se ranking in top search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. In this tutorial we are taking a look at website submission which include the right way to perform manual website submission, website submission to targeted catagories, reciprocal linking and avoiding website submission mistakes that could harm your website position browsing engine ranking. Website submission is, at its name implies, submission of one’s website to locate engines and directories to ensure that your website to be easily found by targeted internet users. You should use various techniques to submit your website to locate engines that may assist in you achieving high se ranking in top search engines. We shall focus on three positive website submission methods: Manual website submission, Automanted website submission and One of the ways linking to targeted websites and search engines.

Manual Website Submission

Manual website submission includes you contacting search engines and directories, directly and including your website URL to the human editors or robots crawl bank. Manual website submission is generally the only real kind of website submission acceptable to top search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN for you really to be a part of their search engines. Directories such as DMOZ and Zeal also rely on manual website submission to ensure that their editors to see and possibly list your website in their pages. Each se and directory has their particular specifications for manual website submission. MSN and Yahoo require you just to input your website URL, while Google asks you also to incorporate some keywords highly relevant to your website (we will look at keywords directly in tutorial 3).

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Directory submission is really a little different to se submission because a number of concise details are needed to ensure that successful inclusion within their pages. DMOZ requires a brief description of one’s website when submitting and Zeal requests both content and keywords when applying a manual submission. When submitting your website into directories, it is essential that you chose a catagory highly relevant to your website’s content to be able to even be viewed for inclusion. It is best to analyze the directory subjects until you will find the absolute perfect catagory for your website.

For instance, if your website provides a specific service in a particular region, let us say a florist in South London, look for a catagory which details your service and location such as : “Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Business and Economy: Agriculture and Forestry: Horticulture: Flowers and Floristry” rather than “Shopping: Flowers: Florist “.When you have found your targeted catagory at this point you need certainly to submit your website for the human editors to review. When submitting your website description, be very specific of one’s content and bear in mind the catagory you are submitting to. Using our example site, an excellent description could be “London florist stocking flowers for many occassions.

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Floral gift baskets and arrangments for weddings, anniversaries and special holidays.” Do not fall under the trap of using the description to list all keywords, just concentrate on one or two targeted keywords and do not be repetative. Your manual website submission description needs to be in full and flowing sentences rather than a set of terms. DMOZ is harsh and long in its website inclusion process after manual website submission. They give no feedback and you can expect to await from months to years to view your website marketed in their directory. Also, if the domain continues to be owned previously possesses been black listed by DMOZ prior to you owning your web site domain, will not expect to view your website in the administration area after getting manually submitted your web site to them.

It’s not necessarily smart to spam search engines with multiple manual website submissions. In case you have hunted for your web site domain address after website submission and also have not seen your web site listed with expose description of your website after a period of 90 days, you might submit your web site again to DMOZ, Google, Yahoo and MSN. Possibly your website is not included into top search engines or directories such as Google, Yahoo, DMOZ and MSN after three attempted website submissions (3 attempts in 9 months), you might like to email the google search representative or editor directly and find out your website is in the robot crawl bank and why it is not included in search engine.

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Remember, always submit your homepage to the various search engines first. Also you should have links to the internal website pages on the house page. Robots will then crawl and list your entire site searching catagories relevant to each page. After your homepage continues to be listed, then make an effort to manually submit your inside pages.


Automated Website Submission

Automated website submission has become an awful name lately, due mainly to spamming websites into inappropraite submission catagories. Automated website submission consists from the internet marketer using a course to mass submit their websites to a massive amount of search engines, listings and directories. Quick grown timbers . negative press, automated submission will not be a bad idea to get your web site listed and build search results listings and website positioning. If you decide to make use of an automated website submission program make sure you remember to look over the set of search engines it submits your web site to and click off, or mark as submitted, to top search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN since these search engines will appear negatively on the website in the event you make an effort to submit your web site for many years by such means.

Don’t submit your web site to Free For All links or obvious doorway page links since these have been targeted by top search engines for elimination in organic search results. Choose targeted search engines relevant to your web page content when utilizing automated website submission and remember to resubmit your web site all the time (once a month).

One Way Website Linking

This is central to the component in achieving high website positioning and search engine ranking and it is a simple thing to do. Find websites with the exact same content or services to yours and make them such as a backlink to your website for their site. You should submit your url to sites which are keyword rich and targeted to the website. You must also try and find your link included on a website that includes a Google Page Rank of 4/10 or above. Before submitting a hyperlink, make it a point to observe the source code around the website’s page you will be submitting to.

Should the website has their Robots text off, or using a No Crawl instruction, will not waste your period in submitting for many years as your web site link will never be crawled by search results robots. You could want to consider offering reciprocal links on the website which can help you and your linkers build page ranking and website positioning in search results ranking. In summary, website submission is crucial in your websites success searching engines. You can not trust in your web site being listed if you can’t submit your website. By implementing the suggestions listed in this tutorial, you ought to see a good increase in your web site positioning in search results ranking. Remember, it requires serious amounts of work to quickly attain high search engine ranking in a few of the top websites, so be patient.

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buyung-1 | Tech

Buyung Afrianto (UCLA ’26) is a serial technopreneur who founded Buyung Technologies Co., Ltd, a holdings company that owns:™ | The latest daily blog site that presents news of the day and the latest news around the world to finance, lifestyle, automotive and sports news. And a very profitable Instagram channel @BuyungAfrianto also Twitter Account @BuyungCo . By doing what he love for living, he brings new meaning to the art of freedom. If I can be of any help or if you would like to do business with me, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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