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17 Critical Lawyer Marketing and Advertising

LAWYER MARKETING : Lawyers who rely on traditional lawyer marketing methods are fast discovering that lots of “time-proven methods ” no further work. Lawyers could dramatically enhance their marketing results by avoiding these mistakes and heeding this up-dated advice. Lawyers who rely on traditional lawyer marketing methods are fast discovering that lots of time-proven methods no further work.



Lawyer marketing services

LAWYER MARKETING : Lawyers who rely on traditional lawyer marketing methods are fast discovering that lots of “time-proven methods ” no further work. Lawyers could dramatically enhance their marketing results by avoiding these mistakes and heeding this up-dated advice. Lawyers who rely on traditional lawyer marketing methods are fast discovering that lots of time-proven methods no further work.


Relying on referrals. Whenever you be determined by referrals as your sole supply of new business, you allow middlemen to control your flow of new clients. You might find that whether you receive referrals has nothing regarding your knowledge, skill or experience. Instead, it could be based on your own ability to return the referrals. ADVICE: In addition to referrals, ensure your marketing program attracts inquiries directly from prospects. This enables you to manage your lawyer marketing program, as opposed to depending on third parties over that you have minimum control.

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Based on media exposure. Without question, articles in the print media and interviews on radio and television can help you attract new clients. But many lawyers rely on publicity as their entire lawyer marketing program. True, exposure can increase your credibility. But often exposure alone isn’t enough. Lawyers routinely report, “We were happy with how many articles about our firm, but we didn’t get an individual new client!” In addition to exposure, you need something that triggers one to connect to prospects.

ADVICE: Make fully sure your marketing program brings about interactions between you and your prospects, such as for example over the telephone or in person. Interaction is a critical step in the lawyer marketing process — and the step most attorney marketing programs overlook.


Relying on networking groups as a primary supply of new business. Networking is a time-consuming exercise in meeting prospects and cultivating referrals. And while networking may bear fruit, lawyers often underestimate enough time required.

ADVICE: Pursue opportunities to generally meet and speak with genuine prospects, but don’t put networking above other lawyer marketing strategies.

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Competing on low price. Whenever you reduce your fee to attract new clients, (1) you undermine your credibility because clients conclude your services weren’t worth what they previously paid, (2) you attract clients who will leave you when competing lawyers offer fees less than yours, (Note: Clients that are loyal to the dollar are never loyal to you.) and (3) you’ll probably lose money because the price of attracting a level of new clients is often greater compared to the profit you can earn from those clients.


ADVICE: In place of competing on price, compete on value. You’re better off being probably the most expensive lawyer in town and having prospects appreciate your knowledge than being the cheapest lawyer and having prospects question your skill.


Delivering an incomplete lawyer marketing message. Many lawyers believe common marketing methods don’t work because those lawyers didn’t get the outcomes they wanted. But usually the problem is not the lawyer marketing method, is it doesn’t message. If your message lacks even one essential element, your time and efforts will fail. An estate planning lawyer delivered a seminar to 84 potential customers, yet almost no person came into his office for a no cost consultation. After I reviewed his presentation, we added under five minutes of information to his program. At his next seminar, 10 of your 11 couples in presence requested appointments.

ADVICE: Before you’ll implement your lawyer marketing program, ensure you build a competent marketing message. Without a strong message, your marketing program is doomed.


Not effectively reaching your target audience. A tax attorney who represents doctors ahead of the IRS advertised his services in an every week “shopper” newspaper distributed free to homes. Obviously, he was disappointed while using response. Before you run the ad, the lawyer could have saved his $2000 investment had he asked himself, “Will doctors choose a tax attorney in a no cost weekly newspaper?” I am not sure about doctors, that is not necessarily consumers We would look.

ADVICE: Choose ways that you suspect will reach your prospects. Then test each method with a small scale prior to invest serious dollars. By doing this you know which method is best suited for at reaching your audience and the way well it attracts the clients you want.


Selection by committee. The quality of a lawyer marketing and advertising decision is depending on how long you will need ponder and the way much the decision may be diluted by compromise. Anyone working alone offers the potential to create good decisions. When 2 people come together things commence to bog down. So if you feel waiting for three people to agree — well, don’t hold your breath. Lawyer marketing is compared to football. Can you imagine the span of time it could take should the entire team offered their ideas and everyone needed to agree before they could make your next play?

ADVICE: Pick one quarterback to direct your program. If you do not get the results you want, change strategies or change quarterbacks. Such as the compound your quarterback’s problems by earning lots more people to help make decisions.


Not implementing the leadership position in your market. When prospects perceive you as the best choice in your field, you will have a substantial edge over other lawyers. Yet, many lawyer marketing programs aren’t intended to attain this powerful, profitable position.

ADVICE: Look at your position inside marketplace. Out of your prospects’viewpoint, is any lawyer clearly the best choice in this category? Or else, design your lawyer marketing program therefore you overcome your niche. If this niche is covered with other lawyers, build a new category for yourself. Then promote the course so prospects look at you as first in this new area. One of my clients designed a new category and properly dominated his niche for five and one-half years. You receive an exceptional advantage when prospects perceive you for the reason that leader.


Not delivering your marketing message until prospects receive your office. Attorneys usually have no hassle persuading a prospect to engage their services once the prospect is throughout their office. But getting prospects over the door is matter.

ADVICE: Develop materials you’ll be able to send to prospective clients. Then create a lawyer marketing program makes use of printed and broadcast media to draw inquiries from prospects who ask to receive your information. When prospects call your working environment, you respond by mailing your packet and adding their names to your own mailing list. This can be used to put your marketing message within hands inspite of their whereabouts, and not waiting around for them arrive at your office. If you are materials are powerful and persuasive, you will find that prospects contact you and request appointments. Certainly one of my lawyer clients received 426 calls from prospects after offering his materials for a radio talk show, over 500 calls following having a television news interview, and another 400 calls after a post in a local newspaper.


Not lawyer marketing to your own practice mailing list. Your subscriber list is your own personal class of influence. It ought to contain what they are called of all your past clients, current clients, prospective clients and referral sources.

ADVICE: Be sure to mail your newsletter more than quarterly. And do not think you have to make your newsletter an 8- or 16-page treatise. A painless educational letter of even some pages works just fine. Your newsletter’s size is not nearly as essential as how many times you mail it together with the value from the information you present.


Taking lawyer marketing shortcuts. Lawyers who achieve success often trim back their marketing programs hoping to economize through the elimination of the bells and whistles. What remedy they often don’t get is the fact some of the so-called “stuff” will not be stuff at all. They’re just the components that leave their programs work. Legal assistance first hired me to refresh his seminars. When you kicked off his program, he attracted 247 prospects to five seminars, an average of 49 people at each program. His calendar filled up almost overnight. After 6 months, he took his marketing in house and began cutting corners. Within 90 days, his outcome was as dismal as they quite simply have been before he called me.

ADVICE: Whenever you shortcut your marketing relating to the forepart, you shortcut the numerous new clients relating to the back end. If you wish to streamline your marketing and determine if any steps will not be needed, start slowly and track your results. Take care not to cut away the steps that have the effect of your success.


Not making lawyer marketing a priority. For the majority lawyers, practicing law is highest priority. If they get busy, they reduce their marketing efforts because they want this time to function on his or her clients’behalf. They operate under the false hope that their momentum will attract start up company long inside the future. But should they cut their marketing efforts, they actually shift their marketing into neutral. Consequently, inertia gets control of and things slowly coast with a standstill.

ADVICE: Make lawyer marketing important for you personally or someone rrnside your office. Or hire an outside consultant therefore,you ensure the work gets done. Don’t turn your marketing don / doff similar to a light switch. Store enter in gear so you usually attract a continuous flow of the latest clients.


Writing an intricate lawyer marketing plan that becomes impossible to hold out. Many marketing plans mimic jigsaw puzzles with dozens — even hundreds — of pieces. And while plans might work, most lawyers and their staffs do not possess the hours needed to manage the plans.

ADVICE: Guarantee your marketing plan is built on stages which may have proved to work and efficient. Around my 30 years in lawyer marketing , the foremost profitable, efficient and effective method There really is is education-based marketing.


Never completing — thereby never implementing — your marketing plan. Many lawyers get so mixed up in gathering facts how they never stop designing their plan. They collect data, increase the steps, collect more data, revise their plan, collect more data.

ADVICE: Implement your plan at the initial possible moment. The wrong lawyer marketing plan this really is ready to go is infinitely more profitable when compared to the “perfect plan” that never gets off your hard drive.


Delaying your program until your cash flow improves. Usually, lawyers who take this reason never start marketing while they aren’t conscious their logic is backwards: Their cash flow won’t improve until they start their marketing program.

ADVICE: Maintaining a strong program is the most important investment you may make. Why pay for a place of work and staff with no enough business to warrant the overhead? Start your program now so you possess an ongoing flow of the latest clients.


Carrying out a program that achieve normal essential steps for success. Your program must (1) establish your credibility, (2) generate interactions between anyone with prospects, (3) gain your prospect’s commitment, and (4) keep the client’s loyalty. Programs that don’t achieve all steps will fail.

ADVICE: If you evaluate an advertising and lawyer marketing opportunity, consider how well that method will accomplish these steps.


Promoting your services. While you promote the services you receive, you’re around the role from the salesperson hawking his wares. This technique, called selling-based lawyer marketing , undermines your credibility to result in prospects to question if they’d like to trust you.

ADVICE: Instead of promoting the services you receive, promote your knowledge by educating prospects. Education-based lawyer marketing gives prospects what they want, information and advice, and removes what they don’t really want, a sales pitch. It attracts prospects who come your way through your knowledge, skill, judgment and experience. To win at lawyer marketing , you doesn’t have to be the biggest player or enjoy the biggest budget. You simply need a basic, proven lawyer marketing method giving prospective clients what they want, information and advice — and removes what they don’t really want, a sales pitch. That’s precisely what my procedure for Education-Based Marketing does because I designed it that way. Rest room the American Marketing Association featured my method around the front page of the national publication, MARKETING NEWS.

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Attorney Marketing Via Client Services

ATTORNEY MARKETING : Partly one of this information we will look in depth at a comparatively new wrinkle in attorney marketing for law firms known as “attorney-client matching services & part one targets the details about these firms. Part two gives you my conclusions and recommendations as a result of my research. First a little background is in order.



Individual attorney marketing plan

ATTORNEY MARKETING : Partly one of this information we will look in depth at a comparatively new wrinkle in attorney marketing for law firms known as “attorney-client matching services & part one targets the details about these firms. Part two gives you my conclusions and recommendations as a result of my research. First a little background is in order. The legal services market segment is expected to reach $82.5 billion in 2008 based on Euromonitor International a market intelligence firm. In recent history consumers have been finding attorneys through word-of mouth or through the yellow pages. Often the word-of mouth advice does not deliver individuals to perfect solution for their particular needs and the yellow pages is unquestionably not really a great place to choose a lawyer I am certain that you’d agree. Additionally, in line with the Pew Internet & American Life over four million consumers and small businesses currently look for legal services via the Internet every month with your numbers expected to go up to over seven million by 2007. I think you will see this can be a huge market getting larger. It’s imperative that attorneys understand this marketplace if for no other reason your potential clients and clients are moving to the Internet and yellow page advertising is a dying attorney marketing vehicle. Understanding attorney-client matching services is one new way to tap into this Internet marketplace.

Law Firm Marketing Strategies

What I will not be speaking about here is attorney-listing services. Please don’t get confused between attorney-listing services and attorney-client matching services. Both majors in the attorney-listing services arena are Lawyers dot com or FindLaw dot com that are used by many in attorney marketing for law firms. With attorney marketing one might need to get a minor listing on one or both of these two major sites. Both do drive a massive amount traffic for their sites for certain (in the millions of visitors per year). If you do get a listing then track your results carefully and see if being in the middle of a bunch of listed attorneys actually does produce clients for you. Please don’t spend more to them than the basic listing that will run about $150 approximately each month, at least before you can document results with the basic listing. Also, don’t buy your website through either of these, even if after testing you find good results, for several reasons that can be found underneath the Internet attorney marketing tab on my website. One last note here, you probably don’t want to check all of the lesser attorney-listing competitors like LawInfo dot com, LawCore dot com or AttorneyFind dot com is my take, however should you make sure to track your results. The rest of this information is about attorney-client matching services.

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In the attorney-client matching field there are five competitors for the attorney marketing dollar offering online attorney-client matching services. The initial and originator is LegalMatch dot com and its newer competitor being CasePost dot com in addition to a third competitor LegalFish dot com. Both big players offering almost anything in attorney marketing, Lawyers dot com and FindLaw dot com; have recently begun to give you a version of attorney-client matching services. Lets start with LegalMatch that was established in 1999 and is situated in San Francisco. LegalMatch works on the double blind matching system. By double blind they mean the buyer does not see identifying information regarding who the lawyers are and the lawyer does not see identifying information regarding who the individuals are although all of the cards are put available for both to see before any contact is created between them. Through an allocation model LegalMatch makes the decision about which lawyers have the consumer’s information. Consumers can opt into “priority service” for a fee to talk to a LegalMatch staff attorney about their case and work with that attorney in selecting the attorney for his or her case. LegalMatch does have partnerships together with the Utah State Bar Association, ATLA and NACDL. Membership fees just for this attorney marketing vehicle run from $2,500 to $25,000 per annum (they will finance the membership fee if desired) dependant upon practice area and geographic location with the attorney. For example, a PI attorney in Los Angeles would likely be charged more than a family law attorney in Los Angeles, while your family lawyer in Peoria is likely to pay lower than your family law attorney in Los Angeles. Their guarantee is made of extending your membership at no fee until your revenues have exceeded the charge you paid them. The facts with the guarantee are on their website.

Law Firm Advertising Ideas

A relevant digression here, because it model isn’t a lawyer referral program, a pre-paid legal service plan, some pot or cooperative advertising or maybe a directory listing service it is not susceptible to ethics rules around much of attorney marketing it has been asserted. Recently the Professional Ethics Committee with the Texas State Bar was looking into these practices and this committee received a seven-page letter (May 26, 2006) in the FTC that has been consented to using a unanimous vote with the FTC commission members that this attorney marketing practice is definitely ethical.

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Already the states of North Carolina and South Carolina found the practice ethical. The Rhode Island Supreme Court specifically named within an ethics opinion that online matching services are ethical. Finally, the Utah State Bar (a mandatory bar) has retained LegalMatch as his or her lawyer referral service clearly indicating their considering LegalMatch’s ethical nature it usually me. Naturally you really do need to consult with your state bar to be certain it is deemed an ethical practice inside your state. Now time for the number of choices from the marketplace.

Lawyer Marketing Services

CasePost, operating out of Southern California, was established in 2002 is usually a second player in this subject of attorney marketing. They operate in a similar way as LegalMatch in matching clients with lawyers; however, the directory is important of attorneys is proven to the consumer immediately. An individual can decide whether they need to remain anonymous or give their details to the attorneys. An individual is restricted to four attorney responses. Thus the consumer determines what attorneys can get their information. In May of 2006 CasePost has created a major expansion because of their partnership with HandelOnTheLaw dot com that may be powered by a prosperous nationally syndicated radio show on over 120 stations with attorney Bill Handel. This show have been running since 1985. They likewise have a strategic relationship with LegalZoom dot com that began in 2006 that has increased their reach. Like LegalMatch the membership fees just for this attorney marketing vehicle are from $2,500 to $25,000 per annum (financing is accessible if desired) dependant upon practice area and location. Their guarantee into a member is based on a minimum volume of referrals in the year.

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LegalFish is usually a third player in this particular arena. It entered the market industry in 2003 and it’s operating out of Chicago. It is a bit better than additional two in a few ways. Such as other players the consumer can input their information and post their cases to the site likewise give their identifying information or not. In many different cases LegalFish will contact the posting consumer themselves by telephone or email to delve deeper into the requirements the consumer so they aren’t totally automated. There’s an allocation model used by LegalFish in referring the cases recommended to their members. Another difference is LegalFish charges a monthly fee just for this attorney marketing vehicle including $180 to $750 to members which are non-contingency based practices. For contingency based practices the fee ranges from $1600 to $5000+ monthly only if for example client retains the attorney. If LegalFish does not deliver a referral to a member that retains that attorney they don’t charge a fee compared to that attorney for any month (a type of a guarantee). Creating something of your “shared risk” system. Naturally, using this type of shared risk system, long-term success for each uses LegalFish’s ability to build new client opportunities and create requirement for legal services, and their member attorneys’ability to transform those referrals to paying clients. Each will need to “pull their weight&rdquo ;.Finally, LegalFish reports they’ve been particularly purchased serving the solo and small firm market with ten employees or less.


Small Law Firm Attorney Marketing

Your next player in that attorney marketing arena is Lawyers dot-com (mentioned earlier in the following paragraphs about their directory listing or attorney-listing service) using their new Attorney Match Service. If you want to their homepage what shines on it homepage is their “Find A Lawyer Quick Search&rdquo ;.This is their unengaged to the customer attorney-listing service (this is the reason why you might test a listing at their side and track results). To reach the Attorney Match Service you should state to mouse click on “Contact Lawyers” navigation tab or notice it available online for at the summit entrance page. Clicking on it goes towards page when you input your zip code plus the practice area you are looking for, however, this also tells you how many lawyers one can find listed that “are interested in receiving your request&rdquo ;.You are required to complete the identifying information along with other case information. Once you do that you observe the attorneys listed and choose the ones you must send your request to and look forward to their replies. The fee for any attorney member is $495 every year, however, you might want a biographical level listing on the site to get on the Attorney Match Service and that is $150 or even more on a monthly basis dependent on how large is your firm. There is absolutely no guarantee just for this service.

Individual Attorney Marketing Plan

The very last player in that attorney marketing arena is Thompson’s Findlaw (mentioned earlier just as one attorney-listing service) using their new attorney-matching website The FindLaw system is just like the Lawyers dot-com system with three steps of #1 Select your legal need; #2 Show about your case; and #3 Pick the attorney you got it for you. It’s not the same as Lawyers dot com’s system for the reason that have broken it with their attorney-listing services completely with specific dedicated website. Their fees generally run from $500 to $1000 on a monthly basis dependent on your practice area and geographic location. They don’t really use a guarantee. They actually report that they actually do set targets for each geographical area as well as practice combination after which will manage their attorney marketing for getting positive latest shopping results for attorneys.

Well, nowadays we have the many players in that niche of selling for law firms with a lot of information. I think it is going to be imperative should mention one other item. Both Legal Match and CasePost have negative information to the Internet plus it need to be considered. If you want to Google and search the term LegalMatch after which do the same with CasePost you are likely to be able to find details in regards to the negative information. One location that covers the negative info on LegalMatch with relevant links reaches Wikipedia dot org (go to the site and find LegalMatch) although that is definitely disputed as not being sufficiently neutral in tone, which is Wikipedia’s requirements.

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Buyung Afrianto (UCLA ’26) is a serial technopreneur who founded Buyung Technologies Co., Ltd, a holdings company that owns:™ | The latest daily blog site that presents news of the day and the latest news around the world to finance, lifestyle, automotive and sports news. And a very profitable Instagram channel @BuyungAfrianto also Twitter Account @BuyungCo . By doing what he love for living, he brings new meaning to the art of freedom. If I can be of any help or if you would like to do business with me, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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