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6 Best Features of LeaderTask For Manage Your Email

LEADERTASK : I once solicited a companion from mine what is the best organizer? He stated, “Microsoft Outlook, obviously”. At that point he thought a bit and included, “The most well known one, in any case.” But notoriety isn’t the key issue for me. Also, since I need to record (or remember) a great deal in my work.



LeaderTask - Alternative to Outlook!

LEADERTASK : I once solicited a companion from mine what is the best organizer? He stated, “Microsoft Outlook, obviously”. At that point he thought a bit and included, “The most well known one, in any case.” But notoriety isn’t the key issue for me. Also, since I need to record (or remember) a great deal in my work, I chose to pay attention to it more. I have contemplated a great deal organizers and schedulers. LeaderTask from the Almeza organization has ended up being the most fitting and helpful one for me. I won’t contrast it and all organizers, yet just with the most prominent one – Microsoft Outlook. Almost certainly Microsoft Outlook is a fantastic software item, yet LeaderTask outdoes it in certain things. In spite of the fact that Outlook is better in some different things. I will list every one of these parameters in this article. So… LeaderTask favorable circumstances.

#1 Separate Item Gatherings

There are various sorts of articles characterized in LeaderTask. These include: projects, tasks, notes.Projects in LeaderTask mean those things that have time limits. Something explicit outcomes from a project being completed.A task in LeaderTask is the depiction of what ought to be done so as to finish a (project steps). Notes are turbulent records that can be doled out to projects and separate tasks (they may likewise manage a contact/classification/time, and so forth.).

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Notes fill in as a helpful tool for bringing down discrete considerations that can be valuable for finishing a project or a task.A project may contain a few tasks. For instance, the “Composing an article” project may incorporate the accompanying: “Examining materials”, “Composing a draft”, “Sending it to the editor”, “Amending the article”. The consequence of the project is an article. That is, something enormous is part into littler parts, which is advantageous to utilize.

Moreover, every project has the accompanying properties: a name, a gathering (legitimate, the one the project has a place with), a contact (the list of project members), a time period (the time the project will be finished inside), notes (remarks to the project). You can channel tasks by these properties (single out tasks from the list of tasks). I will harp on separating somewhat later. Each task can contain subtasks. For instance, the “Contemplating materials” task may incorporate the accompanying subtasks: “Visit the library”, “View information on the site”, “View publicizing materials”.

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Any task has parameters (labels) that can be likewise utilized for sifting. These include: “Projects”, “Contacts”, “Classifications”, “Schedule”. Outlook has not at all like this – the same sorts of articles are characterized in it. There are no different projects, tasks, notes – there are just equivalent tasks. It implies that notes (intermittent musings) will be in one list, which will make looking for a specific note subsequently increasingly troublesome. It is totally inadmissible for an individual who esteems time.

#2 Tree-Like Tasks

Tasks in LeaderTask are masterminded as a tree, which is accomplished because of the task chain of command (part tasks into subtasks). It enables you to order tasks, join them into one project (or into a task of a higher level). Along these lines you get tasks that are not scatterred, however carefully organized. The tree-like structure enables you to see the heirarchy and comprehend what tasks have a place with what whenever. It helps the tree to remember organizers and documents in the working framework. It is significantly more advantageous to keep tasks along these lines (since you are very accustomed to it). Furthermore, these pecking orders can have as much levels as you need.

  • The tree-like structure enables you to:
  • See all tasks immediately;
  • Sort tasks. You can sort tasks by any property (significant/insignificant, personal/business, and so on.);
  • Gathering tasks. You can gathering tasks by criteria (either by one or by a few criteria on the double). Criteria include: project, time, class, contact;
  • Utilize the “Intermittent Task” choice enabling you to finish tasks that may happen at specific interims;
  • Customize the settings. It is conceivable to customize the task tree the manner in which that suits you best;

Shroud finished tasks. You can show (or stow away) finished tasks whenever. Which is likewise helpful and permits you not to focus on tasks that are now finished. Tasks are not organized as a tree in Outlook. It has one level as it were. All tasks are orchestrated in one list, there is no insertion, which makes it sometimes hard to make out what a specific tasks has a place with. Maybe all records on the PC were situated in one enormous envelope. It is extremely badly arranged.


#3 Adaptable Interface Customization

It is conceivable to adaptably customize interface in LeaderTask (as in numerous cutting edge programs). Any client can customize tasks to be shown in the manner he finds advantageous. The accompanying things can be utilized to accomplish it. Drifting boards. All boards in LeaderTask are gliding – they can be hauled to any piece of the fundamental window. The client can set the board estimate, set its position and type, determine what number of boards ought to be shown at a time.

Moreover, every board has thee buttons in the correct corner of its title bar. They enable you to amplify the board (inside the fundamental window of the program), initiate popup mode for the board (the board will slide out when you move the mouse pointer over it), close the board. Featuring. Each client can feature task tabs in a specific shading so as to see better in the task tree. Highligting is an ideal tool for denoting the most significant tasks, pressing tasks or tasks you should not defer or disregard.

A significant task that isn’t featured may get lost among different tasks. LeaderTask enables you to dodge it. It appears as though nothing unique, yet featuring in various hues is a helpful tool for arranging your tasks right. Skins. LeaderTask bolsters a wide range of skins, among which any client will almost certainly pick the one that suits him best. Textual styles. LeaderTask bolsters a wide range of text styles. You can utilize it to feature different tasks in the list too. It is conceivable to somewhat customize the interface in Outlook (yet it is no so natural to do it). Specifically, boards are static in Outlook (they are not drifting) and it is likewise difficult to feature specific tasks in various hues in Outlook.

#4 Organizing Tasks

That is the place LeaderTask is totally unique – it offers incredibly wide highlights for organizing tasks. As a matter of first importance, it is organizing tasks by projects and subtasks (what I referenced previously). In addition, it is conceivable to structure tasks by classifications, by due dates, by need, by contacts. The most significant thing in LeasderTask is organizing tasks by need.

Needs are orchestrated into a library of needs that you can cusotmize with the goal that it addresses your issues. Tasks organized by needs enable you to single out the most significant tasks among every single other task and complete them first. Tasks are not organized in Outlook. All tasks are shown in one list where it is reall hard to make anything out.

#5 Clear View

One of the principle points of interest in LeaderTask is an unmistakable perspective on tasks (especially on the “Today” board). Alongside the task tree and featuring, it is accomplished by the accompanying:


Different tasks are gathered with the assistance of tabs in the “Tasks” board. Any things in the “Navigator” boards can be utilized as these tabs. Regularly, they are projects. Utilizing tabs is advantageous. For instance, there are two projects: “Composing an article” and “Plan improvement”. Also, these projects incorporate a great deal of tasks. Not to view tasks from the two projects without a moment’s delay, you should tap the comparing project tab and the “Tasks” board will show tasks of one project just (for instance, those from “Composing an article”).


It enables you to view records by certain chose parameters. Parameters (criteria) are set when you make records: task begin time, capable individual, physical areas where the task is finished and others. It implies that sifting enables you to choose records (from various projects) among all made records by specific criteria. This element appeared the most genuine one to me since it offers wide open doors in choosing what is required right now accoding to some occasion from the whole list.

There is no reasonable view in Outlook. What’s more, much more – seeing tasks is made as troublesome as would be prudent. As I referenced previously, all tasks and notes are shown in one list. There are no trees, no featuring, no tabs and just straightforward sifting (you can’t make custom channels).

#6 Separated Tasks

LeaderTask enables you to design your movement appointing tasks to a specific setting. Setting implies conditions that suit best for finishing a task (for instance, “in office”, “at home”, “at a conema” and others). Likewise, it is conceivable to single out tasks by parameters and properties set for them. For instance, by projects, by contacts, by need, by desperation and by others. As it were, LeaderTask thinks about indistinguishable tasks with various characteristics from various tasks (which they are). Tasks are not separated in Outlook. All tasks are equivalent. That is likely the motivation behind why it does not have such helpful highlights as trees, separating and others.

Microsoft Outlook Points of Interest :

1. Information Synchronization

Microsoft Outlook (to be accurate, a great deal of include ins both from Microsoft and from outsiders) enables you to synchronize your information on the PC with information on different gadgets, for example, PDAs, pocket PCs, and so on. There is no such information synchronization in LeaderTask. It ought to be referenced that LeaderTask isn’t appointed to any framework during its establishment – you can store it, for instance, on a blaze drive and use it on various PCs. It is a touch of reason.

2. Information Import and Fare

Microsoft Outlook has automatic information impot and send out. You can import a considerable amount of things: address books, email messages, account settings, and so forth. You can likewise send out this information into different arrangements that are most helpful for bringing in by different projects. In addition, there are exceptional include ins upgrading the information import and fare highlights. I couldn’t discover information import and fare in LeaderTask.

Summary :

These are the fundamental favorable circumstances and hindrances of LeaderTask. Since I plan my time just utilizing the PC and just in LeaderTask, I do not need to import, send out and synchronize information. However, obviously, it is no reason for its downsides. Presumably, they will be fixed soon. What’s more, in the event that they do it, LeaderTask will turn into the best organizer ever. What’s more, there is no doubt that they will do it considering how thoughful software designers from Almeza are about their software making it open to, engaging and useful. Most likely, information import, fare and synchronization are just an issue of time.

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