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9 Advantages Validoc in iSeries Systems

VALIDOC GRAPHICAL SOFTWARE : Validoc is a product for iSeries (AS/400) frameworks ready to apply a few graphical improvements to the standard yield by including designs, textual styles and making a remapping of the print yield. Validoc enables you to change over graphical print yield into a PC group, for example, PDF, TIFF, TXT and some more.



Validoc Graphical Software

VALIDOC GRAPHICAL SOFTWARE : Validoc is a product for iSeries (AS/400) frameworks ready to apply a few graphical improvements to the standard yield by including designs, textual styles and making a remapping of the print yield. Validoc enables you to change over graphical print yield into a PC group, for example, PDF, TIFF, TXT and some more. It is conceivable to consequently deal with the capacity of the subsequent documents on a LAN and calendar their transmission through fax and email. It tends to be flawlessly coordinated with your current programming with no adjustment, regardless of on the off chance that it is a basic bookkeeping bundle or a full highlighted E.R.P., decreasing hence set-up expenses and streamlining your work process.

Validoc has been altogether created (and is completely upheld) by “RECORD Informatica” and has an Italian UI. The product is really part into two incorporated sub-frameworks. The primary one, which handles the printing spools, is introduced on the iSeries machine; while the archive change motor and the fax and mail motors take a shot at any normal PC. Framework prerequisites :

  • Validoc guarantees full consistence with standard pc designs.
  • The mailing capacities work with any standard SMTP mail server.
  • Fax capacities require a standard nonconcurrent modem supporting fax capacities.
  • As respects the PC side, it chips away at any Microsoft Windows variant, while the record change motor, the fax and email capacities work on Windows NT, Windows 2000 and XP.
  • The iSeries segments can be introduced on the product discharge V4R2M0 or later.
  • The print yield can be dealt with by any laser printer supporting the PCL5 language, which is a true standard for any printer worked as of late.

#1 Lighweight

The iSeries parts remain quiet and inactive while trusting that reports will be prepared. This stays away from the regular issue of CPU overhead brought about by pooling on the printing lines, as most contenders’ product do.

#2 Simple

The UI is intended to be both basic and compelling so a beginner client can wind up capable rapidly and release the full intensity of the framework without explicit preparing.

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#3 Versatile

Validoc pursues the development of your organization, with a permit framework displayed upon the IBM iSeries estimating framework. Accordingly each organization will exploit from the product at a value relative to its size.

#4 Measured

We generally design Validoc considering real client needs, assessed independently. Whenever it is conceivable to add further modules to the introduced setup. The modules can empower capacities, for example, spool preparing, graphical improvements, text style arranging, record group change (to standard PC arrangements, for example, PDF or TIFF), programmed categorisation and documenting of reports on the client’s lan, mailing and faxing and information handling on Excel archives..

#5 Safe

Information and pictures are prepared on the iSeries, whose unwavering quality is outstanding. It is conceivable to setup an authorisation framework to allow or deny to explicit clients the privilege to open the delivered archives. The archives saved money on LAN organizers before mailing or faxing are constantly compressed and secret key ensured to dodge unapproved opening of the documents. Validoc is created by:


  • Record Informatica srl
  • Baluardo A. La Marmora, 2 – 28100 Novara (NO)
  • Tel. 0321611208 – Fax 0321684170
  • Valodic: gestione spool di stampa su as400
  • Key favorable circumstances

VALIDOC gifts you a few advantages, among them we bring up the accompanying:

A. Use a Solitary Paper Design

Each organization for the most part needs a few distinctive paper designs, for example, wide “simple perusing” paper, pre-printed shapes for solicitations, redid A4 paper with logo and friends headers utilized for mailing, etc. All these paper organizations can be effectively substituted by standard A4 paper. Validoc can include all the graphical components which are pre-imprinted on the customary methodology. It permits utilizing any accessible text style and organizing and it improves the last outcome conveying laser-printer quality. The benefits of utilizing a solitary paper group are complex, and include recording in institutionalized envelopes, less difficult mailing, institutionalized paper taking care of, less demanding stockpiling in the organization chronicles, no more danger of coming up short on supply of a sort of paper and a general sparing in paper costs.

B. Modify YourPre-Printed Shapes Without the Mediation of a Typography

A few occasions require an altering of the standard structures for a few sorts of archives. Consider changes to be made to content printed to meet lawful necessities, new information to be printed both in inward or outer archives, custom content and designs to be utilized just now and again of for a restricted measure of time, uncommon contingent “arranging” to be connected just on certain records and a lot more cases. When utilizing pre-printed shapes this implies you need to purchase a few various types of structures, you should deal with every one of the stocks, continue both the danger of lack and the expense of unused (and unusable) stocks, etc. Additionally there is a work time overhead since the paper taking care of is longer, increasingly intricate, less adaptable, and eventually not practical and more mistake inclined. Every one of these issues are gone when utilizing a solitary paper position.

C. No More Paper Change on the Printer

Utilizing pre-printed paper you should deal with a few paper changes on the printers. This implies the general population dawdle changing paper groups, there are overheads because of blunders in stacking the wrong paper arrangement or mix-ups in dealing with the print line, there is the need to request that other individuals stop printing while you load a particular paper design, etc.

Most importantly printing takes additional time, is less proficient, and this implies more expenses.

Utilizing Validoc rather printing is a “dispatch and overlook” process, you don’t need to stress over the sort of paper stacked, deal with the print line, approach to other individuals to hang tight to print when you load your paper design, you don’t need to look for that paper group. You carry out your responsibility. Validoc conveys you your archive appropriately printed.

D. Better Printing Quality

Validoc permits the use of institutionalized structures for any printing assignment, even the ones that generally are not frame based since dealing with pre-printed paper for any sort of archive would be excessively costly. Institutionalized and savvy printing permits better interchanges, decreases blunders, and improves the recording of data. Also the delivered records have laser printer quality, improving the general meaningfulness of the reports and the nature of faxes.

E. Streamlined Work Process for Printing, Messaging and Faxing iSeries Records

Validoc is an incorporated programming ready to deal with the entire archive preparing, from creation to arrange change, stockpiling and transmission. This implies it is conceivable to spare a lot of time, accomplishing a higher quality outcome! Let Validoc handle the record life cycle and quit hanging tight for that fax transmission receipt. Validoc is a venture that pays itself rapidly on account of the enhancements in your organization forms and quick funds on records taking care of tasks.

F. Easy Access to iSeries Records Put Away in Your System

It is conceivable to turn just and rapidly and printout delivered by Validoc into PDF and Tiff group, with no loss of data and designing. It is in this manner conceivable to arrange your capacity consequently. You can train Validoc (through a basic arrangement process) to spare every one of the reports of a particular sort, say “orders”, in a devoted organizer, documenting them in proper subfolders composed by year, or by provider, or by district, or by class of things requested or whatever criteria you believe is fitting. Validoc handles the envelopes and subdfolders to enable a few criteria to be connected in the meantime. It handles too legitimate document naming appropriately with client characterized criteria. This happens naturally at whatever point you print an archive.

G. Mailing Reserve Funds

As of late “poste Italiane” built up a fruitful administration called “Postel”. The point of this administration is to diminish costs identified with printing, envelopes taking care of, stepping and other mailing-related activities. Validoc can deal with the entire procedure that begins with the print order and can take diverse courses: fax or email or conventional mailing or direct coordination with Postel administrations or any mix of these alternatives. For each record to be transmitted you can choose with a solitary order which course it must be coordinated to, regardless of whether it is the reasonable email, the modest fax or the old, costly however some of the time still important paper mail the choice is up to you. In any case, when the choice is taken Validoc handles the entire procedure and conveys the record to the correct interface moving forward without any more client intercession.

  • Validoc modules.
  • VALIDOC has 5 unmistakable modules: Printing, Extract, PDF-Tiff, E-mail and Fax.
  • We will presently call attention to some key point for every one of them.

#6 Printing

This module adds to iSeries printing graphical formats, being consequently ready to make various duplicates printing of requests, DDT, creation reports, etc. The graphical formats can be made with any Windows-based graphical programming; they are then brought into the iSeries and powerfully incorporated in the printed archives. This module changes over the textual styles, the styles, the size (both LPI and CPI); it can work all in all report or only a piece of it. Additionally the module can be utilized to print bar-coded marks, notwithstanding utilizing printers that don’t bolster them locally. It is conceivable to “remap” the printout, that is rethink its substance (by including variable or steady content, overlooking a few sections, duplicating information from various segments of the record, consequently number pages (additionally in the organization “page x of Y”).

This can be arranged and separated for various duplicates of the report. The arrangement is performed specifically on the iSeries and utilizations a graphical review to demonstrate how the report will resemble. In addition it is conceivable to setup a few conditions to apply programmed designing parameters. Conditions can be founded on the substance of the archive itself, outside information, leave esteems given by outer projects, client information, lines, module-related data, number of the duplicate and some more.

  • A similar arrangement of restrictive organizing alternatives are upheld by all the 5 modules of validoc.
  • PDF-Tiff
  • Arrangement transformation module

This module changes over the yield of the “printing” module (both content and designs) into standard PDF or TIFF records. It can consequently partition a solitary spool into various records, appropriately with a few client characterized parameters. The yield records are naturally saved money on your server exploiting the full help to the documenting and organizer overseeing rules characterized in the framework to consequently develop and keep to date a pecking order of envelopes.

#7 Email

This module substitutes all the established dispatching frameworks, for example, mail and postel. The module can send PDF, TIFF or TXT archives created by other Validoc modules as an email connection. It works completely consequently and pursues all the designing and dispatching rules characterized into the “Validoc” framework.

#8 Fax

This module permits faxing of graphical documents delivered by other Validoc modules. It has every one of the capacities you can expect structure a full-highlighted fax programming, for example, programmed fax sending, capacity to make diverse spread pages likewise with a few parameters, capacity to choose which rendition of a report must be sent, capacity to isolate in various fax sessions the archives contained into a solitary spool record, configurable planning, programmed the board of retrial should a transmission issue emerge, etc.

You needn’t bother with outer faxing programs any progressively, for example, WinFax and ZetaFax. The fax modules (just as the email module) work on the PC side and they both give an advantageous UI to channel and deal with any transmission status and data so it is conceivable to have with a couple of snaps a diagram of the delivery advance and of any transmission issue.

#9 Concentrate

This iSeries-based module permits organized extraction of information from printings. It is conceivable to extricate parts of the records and send them to an accepting administration on the iSeries or on a pc document in exceed expectations group. This permits further information control, for example, inquiries and measurements on the removed information. This module can work even without the help of an EDP supervisor and in those situations in which it is unimaginable to expect to change the introduced programming.

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Buyung Afrianto (UCLA ’26) is a serial technopreneur who founded Buyung Technologies Co., Ltd, a holdings company that owns:™ | The latest daily blog site that presents news of the day and the latest news around the world to finance, lifestyle, automotive and sports news. And a very profitable Instagram channel @BuyungAfrianto also Twitter Account @BuyungCo . By doing what he love for living, he brings new meaning to the art of freedom. If I can be of any help or if you would like to do business with me, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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5 Reasons Why Do We Need a Recovery Program ?

RECOVERY PROGRAM : On the off chance that you addressed YES to that, you’re dead wrong my companion. Give me a chance to demonstrate it to you by giving you genuine consistent with life models. As of late, I made this inquiry to one woman website admin named Dorothy and she said basically.



Recovery Program

RECOVERY PROGRAM : On the off chance that you addressed YES to that, you’re dead wrong my companion. Give me a chance to demonstrate it to you by giving you genuine consistent with life models. As of late, I made this inquiry to one woman website admin named Dorothy and she said basically, “All things considered, for what reason would it be a good idea for me to do that? My webhost said that they ensure 99.9% of the time, my website will be OK. Furthermore, I don’t have the foggiest idea how to do it if that is specialized stuff. So for what reason would it be advisable for me to mind?”. That is the attitude of numerous individuals like her who truly trusted that the 99+% uptime ensures found on the guarantees page of their webhosts is now their website protection.

#1 What’s a “Calamity and Recovery Program”?

It’s about an entrepreneur’s arrangement of activities, frameworks and methodology that guarantees business progression when interruptions and catastrophes emerge in the typical course of business. Each real companies and organizations worldwide have this on their yearly motivation as a component of their hazard management appraisal. It’s otherwise called the “Business Continuity Recovery Program” in the corporate world. I know your online business and your websites are critical to you. So why at that point would it be advisable for it to not have any significant bearing to your online business also? You realize that multiple occasions, debacle strikes us when we wouldn’t dare hoping anymore.

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In some cases it even happens when you have a noteworthy item dispatch or an all out publicizing effort when, out of the blue, your websites went down and blast, every one of your endeavors and ventures went down the channel too. On the off chance that programmers happen to pick your webpage for entertainment only and reputation, figured out how to break in to mutilate it or discharge worms, Trojan steeds, DDOS assault bots and the preferences that harm your websites therefore, what will you do after? Shouldn’t something be said about flames in the datacenter where your server is found or possibly a hard circle disappointment on your web facilitating server?

There are even instances of blunders in specialized setups, unsatisfactory server equipment types, packed facilitating servers, specialized inadequacy of care staff and different issues your host wouldn’t outline for you. These calamities have demolished an excessive number of online organizations before. Also, my websites are not saved too. Trust me when I reveal to you that it happened to my websites ordinarily even alone devoted server! It just demonstrates that calamities do occur and even your webhost here and there can’t take care of business. Website hacking and damaging, infections and worms, server crashes, server equipment disappointments, datacenter fires, arrange disappointments, electrical deficiencies, specialized help mistakes, long repeating administration downtimes and other website catastrophes can quickly make you bankrupt. Also, that is only one of the impacts. Also loss of face, loss of chances and loss of time.

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#2 Why Need a Recovery Program ?

Since downtime is simply not worthy nowadays. Your clients and guests can hardly wait all the ideal opportunity for you to be back on the web. On the off chance that they can’t discover you, they can’t purchase from or exchange with you and heading off to the challenge is simple as a tick of a mouse. Your publicizing and limited time crusades are put to squander on account of your dead websites. Loads of cash are lost in recuperation and reclamation just as in lost open doors that you will definitely pass up a great opportunity. That is the reason we as a whole need to make the making arrangements for catastrophe and recuperation a high need thing in our online business particularly on the off chance that you are truly profiting from it.

Incidentally, I’m not frightening you by any stretch of the imagination. Be that as it may, consider it for a minute. Envision a circumstance wherein you and your websites are in complete confusion, you don’t have the foggiest idea what to do on the grounds that you don’t have a website backup, you don’t have a rebuilding plan and you don’t generally realize who to rushed to or converse with about it. Each website admin should have a far reaching plan of activity. Your fiasco and recuperation recovery program ought not just focus on your pages (html, pictures, photographs, sounds, compresses and different records). You should realize that there are other website parts that you have to deal with as well.

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For instance, numerous websites these days have MYSQL databases introduced to store and deal with their clients, deals, items, documents and guests information in addition to other things. MYSQL is allowed to utilize such a significant number of individuals normally are utilizing it for their website contents. There is a decent shot that you are utilizing or have utilized it as well, correct? So when calamity strikes, not exclusively are your site pages in danger, your valuable MYSQL databases are likewise in danger. More often than not, website admins have nearby backups of the site pages, records and contents on their hard drive which can be effectively restored. Be that as it may, MYSQL databases need an uncommon backup methodology for you to remove it straight from your website control board.


You can only with significant effort make it and transfer it like your html, pdfs and compress documents. Your web facilitating server makes and develops these databases for you ongoing. So in case you’re not actually slanted to know this as a website admin, you may slight it and face the danger of misfortune later on. However losing your business information resembles losing your business congruity. When it’s lost, you’ll see it difficult to recoup. Another website part is your website contents. They need a debacle and recuperation plan as well. State for instance you bought a PHP content that has an auto-introduce auto-refresh include from the vender.

Regularly than not, you have no duplicate of this content on your nearby harddrive (since the dealer may have introduced it for you for nothing) considerably more the form refreshes that are consequently connected to your website each time the merchant discharges another one. On the off chance that you neglect to backup your entire PHP content arrangement, at that point it will be hard for you to restore this content to its last state. Envision returning to rendition 1 or more seasoned adaptation of your contents. You’ll finish up paying the dealer or a best software engineer bunches of cash to restore this for you in case you’re even sufficiently fortunate to have the content from the merchant again for nothing. If not, you need to pay for it once more.

#3 Insane Solution ?

What a misuse of cash since you don’t have a calamity and recuperation plan. Not just that. You will lose face, clients or guests, force, openings and the vast majority of all, opportunity to recoup and restore everything to its last working condition. You beyond any doubt wouldn’t have any desire to return to where you begun, OK?

So here are five (5) straightforward advances you can undoubtedly do to setup your own Disaster and Recovery Program for your online organizations:


That your websites and the various segments are dependably at RISK. In the event that regardless you trust your webhost that nothing can happen to your website regardless, you won’t probably know until you’ve lost everything. I know this and I talk by understanding. In the event that you can rest around evening time well realizing that as a website admin, you’re in charge, at that point it truly pays to do it without anyone’s help. In case you’re as yet not persuaded, answer this inquiry: “Would you truly put on some more peculiar’s hands the destiny of your online business?” Remember that, more often than not, you’ve never at any point met or converse with your webhost.


Your website documents, contents and databases on your nearby hard drive, another remote server or another offsite media. This implies you’ll download, store and refresh these records every now and then. You need to do this quietly on timetable (better once per week or best every day in the event that you have high traffic database-driven websites). You will utilize these backup records to restore your website to its most recent state when catastrophe strikes. For the most part, web facilitating control boards like Cpanel, Plesk, Ensim and Webmin have a backup and restore office page where you can do this. If you don’t mind check your control board manual for subtleties.

C. Third, LEARN

How TO recuperate and RESTORE your websites to its most recent state. Since your online business is imperative, you should most likely rapidly recuperate from any calamity. A speedy rebuilding plan ought to be set up and practiced amid the “great occasions” with the goal that when “awful occasions” come, you’re very much arranged for it. Keep in mind, on the off chance that you realize how to fabricate your websites, you should likewise realize how to reconstruct it as well. This is required amid fiascos as well as in case you’re exchanging to another web host or web server.


In case you’re not a developer or in fact educated about websites, contents and MYSQL databases, with somebody who has that information. At the point when catastrophe strikes, you ought to almost certainly rapidly pull somebody who can do the specialized stuff for you in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea how. My recommendation is to get somebody from or Since these locales are taking a shot at a venture offering framework, you’ll show signs of improvement administration at lesser cost. There are dangers required here additionally yet that is another issue. What’s essential is for you to know the spots where to get help when you need it.


You can never tell when issues will happen so you must be prepared constantly. Also, this must be accomplished by being not kidding to the over four (4) steps. Keep in mind, this fiasco and recuperation plan is your very own protection for your online business. You don’t need to pay somebody to do it for you. You can do this in the event that you’ll simply understand that your online business is dependably in danger and it’s vital that it proceed with the goal that you will profit by it in the long haul. As you end up triumphant over any online catastrophes you will confront, you will realize that it is so great to be in all out control. Furthermore, that, old buddy, is an incredible inclination.

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buyung-1 | Tech

Buyung Afrianto (UCLA ’26) is a serial technopreneur who founded Buyung Technologies Co., Ltd, a holdings company that owns:™ | The latest daily blog site that presents news of the day and the latest news around the world to finance, lifestyle, automotive and sports news. And a very profitable Instagram channel @BuyungAfrianto also Twitter Account @BuyungCo . By doing what he love for living, he brings new meaning to the art of freedom. If I can be of any help or if you would like to do business with me, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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