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Vocabulary of The Mortgage Process

This represents Annual Percentage Rate. It allows you to compare the total cost of the mortgage. Rather than being a pursuit rate, it includes up front and ongoing costs of taking out a mortgage. The formula for calculating APR is defined by Government Regulations and therefore enables direct comparison of the cost of mortgages.



Common mortgage terms


– This represents Annual Percentage Rate. It allows you to compare the total cost of the mortgage. Rather than being a pursuit rate, it includes up front and ongoing costs of taking out a mortgage. The formula for calculating APR is defined by Government Regulations and therefore enables direct comparison of the cost of mortgages.

Capital and Interest Mortgage

– This really is when part of your monthly payment contributes to paying off the outstanding mortgage in addition to paying the interest on the mortgage. The payments are structured so that at the conclusion of the word, your mortgage could have been completely paid off. Because of this this sort of mortgage is also called a Repayment Mortgage.

Capped Rate

– This is a mortgage where the lender agrees that the interest charged won’t ever exceed a specific percentage. This deal lasts for a set amount of years. After the set period, the rate usually reverts to the lenders standard variable rate. Throughout the capped period, the interest charges can progress and down with the lenders interest rate – but cannot exceed the capped rate.


– An amount, either fixed or a percentage of a mortgage, which you may opt for whenever you complete your mortgage. The lender might claw back this money via a higher interest rate.

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CAT marks/standards

– CAT represents Fair Charges, Easy Access and decent Terms. These were produced by the Government in an endeavor to offer consumers with simple, clear financial products with straightforward, easy to understand terms. A CAT mortgage could have no arrangement fees, no redemption fees and could have interest calculated daily. It will also have the very least loan of just £5000, give you repayment flexibility and the mortgage should really be portable in case you move home. Finally, you won’t have to get the lender’s insurance products and you will have no penalties should you will find yourself in arrears but can subsequently catch up.


– This really is end of the home buying process, when the funds are transferred and the keys are handed over. Happy moving!


– A contract is a binding agreement between the buyer and seller. In the context of house buying, following the contract is signed by both the buyer and the seller it is then’exchanged’involving the respective solicitors for a set completion date. When this occurs, the contract is legally binding on both parties.



– This is the legal process in which property is bought and sold. You can certainly do it yourself or hire a solicitor or specialised conveyancer to execute the tasks for you. The buying of a freehold is much less complicated compared to buying of a leasehold.

Discounted Rate

– This really is where the lender makes a guaranteed reduction off the conventional variable rate for an agreed amount of time. After the discounted period ends, the mortgage usually moves to the lenders’standard variable rate. Look out for redemption penalties that overhang the initial discount period.

Early Redemption Charges

– Redemption is when the borrower takes care of the capital and the interest on the mortgage and thus owns the property outright. Early redemption fees are the charges incurred for eliminating the mortgage early, with the idea to buy the house outright, move or re-mortgage. Always enquire about early redemption charges prior to agree a mortgage.


– Endowments are life assurance policies with a good investment element designed to pay off the outstanding capital upon an interest-only mortgage. Usually there are some types of endowments, including’with profits ‘,’unitised with profits’and’unit-linked ‘. In the 1980s, just read was sold by salesman who seemly suggested that these particular policies were “guaranteed” to pay off the mortgage at the end of the term. However, the investment returns on these policies have fallen to below what once was regarded as the norm. Consequently, many policies usually are not worth the thing that was originally forecast and could not fully repay your money borrowed at the end of the mortgages’term.


– In housing terminology, equity is the real difference between property’s value and your money owed around the property. In case the property is valued at £200,000 and you borrowed from £150,000 around the mortgage, you might have equity of £50,000. In the event you sold immediately, you’d probably receive £50,000. Should the value of your house be a lot less than the mortgage outstanding then you’ve got negative equity.


– Owning the freehold shows that you keep the whole rights to the property plus the land on what it truly is built.


– This is the Higher Lending Charge (it once was referred to as a Mortgage Indemnity Guarantee). It’s levied by three or more quarters coming from all lenders on clients who cannot manage to drop a deposit of 10% of the buying price of the property. In reality it is a type of insurance aimed at protecting the lender should you default in your mortgage when the value of yourr home is a lot less than money you borrowed. The insurance policy only provides cover the lender, not you, and typically costs £1,500.

Homebuyers Report

– A property survey aimed at providing more details than a home valuation but less information than just a full structural survey. It assists the borrower to decide whether to order and profit the lender to decide the amount of to lend.

Interest Only Mortgage

– That is a mortgage where your monthly repayments only spend interest around the mortgage. Therefore, at the end of the mortgage you still need repay the complete sum you borrowed. You happen to be advised to get a separate investment vehicle into which you will be making payments aimed at developing a fund capable to hand over off of the mortgage capital at the end of the term. Typical investments include ISA’s, a pension or perhaps endowment policy.


– Stands for Independent Financial Advisor. These advisors are regulated with the Financial Services Authority. To get classified as “independent” they have so as to supply you with the complete array of products from all of financial product providers. They aren’t eligible to describe themselves as “independent” if they’d like to just offer products from a small panel of financial companies. A Financial Advisor is usually one man band or work for very large companies. Before they cook any recommendation, an IFA must do a detailed fact find in order that they grasp your financial circumstances. They are able to make their recommendations to match your personal circumstances.


– An ISA may well be an Individual Savings Account, the tax-free procedure for owning shares, racking up a cash family savings or even life assurance policy. Feel free to use an ISA to set a capital sum to a concern only mortgage.


– But if the property is leasehold, ownership of the house reverts to the Freeholder for a set date. Many houses were originally sold on 999 year leases so that 999 years after the first date within the Leasehold, ownership of the house reverts to the Freeholder. Building in multiple occupation along the lines of apartments, will almost always be sold on a leasehold and frequently have a much shorter leasehold period – 100 and 125 years is fairly common. Often, having block of apartments, the apartment owners individually own the leaseholds whilst a management company, in which they hold shares, owns the freehold. Lately, however, leaseholders who inhabit the house possess legal right to acquire their freehold under terms laid down by UK law.

Life Insurance

– This can certainly be called Term Insurance or, when specifically linked to proprty purchase, as Mortgage Protection Insurance. It was organized to pay a tax free lump sum in the case of your death equip your mortgage to get repaid in full. There are a number of variants along the lines of Level Term Life Insurance and Decreasing Term Life Insurance. Along at the outset you remove insurance with the full sum you may have borrowed through the mortgage lender but for the same number of years as you’ve agreed on your mortgage. These methods have no investment or surrender value. The premiums derive from plenty of factors – the biggest ones being the quality of cover you should have, your real age, health and how ages you would like to be insured for.

Lock-In Period

– This is basically the minimum period you may have decided to stay together with the lender. According to deal, it could be as far as half a year up to the whole within the term. Should you would like to repay the mortgage or remortgage on the lock-in period, you’ll invariably pay redemption penalties. Constantly be sure you understand how long you will be kept in for together with your mortgage.


– Literally means Loan to Value. It’s a measurement within the mortgage amount versus the value of the property or the retail price that you’re most likely actually paying. A £157,500 mortgage on home for which you paid £175,000 must have been a LTV of 90%. Lenders normally charge a Mortgage Indemnity Premium on mortgages having loan to property value of anything about 75%. Some don’t so question this.


– This has changed its name to HLC. See above.


– Home financing is a long-term loan activated to buy home with repayment secured on that property. When you don’t continue on the repayment terms, the lender can repossess the house, market it and retain the money they can be owed. Any balance will be paid to you. If the house comes at under your own debt your lender, you will always remain liable to the shortfall.

Mortgage Advisor

– On October 31st 2004 the selling of mortgages on the UK came within remit within the City watchdog, The Financial Services Authority (FSA). As from that date someone providing mortgage advice had to be registered together with the FSA and agree to its rules of conduct, techniques for carpet cleaning operating and training programmes etc. The aim has been to improve life for the buyer by giving better protection, clear information and permission to access redress for poor advice.

Negative Equity

– Negative equity is if your value of your abode is as few as the amount that your debt is in your mortgage plus any other loans secured against it. It could actually happen comfortably if you take out a 100% mortgage or if property prices fall. (Also see Higher Lending Charge)


– That is the measure of how easy it’s always to move a mortgage in property to an alternative should a house move be required. This is actually if you happen to moving on your lock-in-period and wish to avoid redemption penalties.

Repayment Mortgage

– This is equivalent to a Capital and Interest mortgage – see above.


– Throughout the conveyancing process, the individual has to be certain that the vendor has title to the house and identify any matters may affect the prospective owners ownership of one’s property. One example is, your own home property is influenced by any proposed road building, whether you will discover preservation orders affecting the house, can it be a listed building and features it been built according to planning conditions and building regulations. Searches might also show whether you will discover mines under or in close proximity the property. This post is obtained by the owner undertaking the conveyancing from HM Land Registry and the appropriate Local Authority. These investigations are collectively termed “Searches “.


– Should you have a problem in providing documentation that “proves” your income to your prospective mortgage lender, you may need a self-certification mortgage. So you personally certify what your full income is. For those who receive high bonuses, or work seasonally or on commission, or are self-employed this may be your foremost option. You declare your income plus some evidence that your declaration is reasonable. Ideally lenders are interested in as much guaranteed income as possible. To compensate the lender to your increased risk they can be facing a self-certified mortgage, they are charge a fee a higher rate interest, typically 1% over their standard variable rate. Stamp Duty Land Tax (commonly known simply as Stamp Duty) – You only pay Stamp Duty Land Tax on property like houses, flats, other buildings and land. If ever the sticker price is £120,000 or less, you do not need pay any Stamp Duty Land Tax. If the amount is a bit more than £120,000, you only pay between one and four per cent of one’s whole sticker price, about the sliding scale.

  • Upto £120,000 – No duty payable
  • £120,001 to £250,000 – 1% duty payable*
  • £250,001 to £500,000 – 3% duty payable
  • £500,001 well as over – 4% duty payable

*If you’re buying a house an area designated via the government as’disadvantaged ‘, you do not need pay any Stamp Duty Land Tax if the sticker price is £150,000 or less. Are you aware? Stamp Duty was originally introduced by William of Orange when he was King of England.

Structural Survey

– Just about the most thorough report you can get on the condition of the house you are considering to buy. The surveyor will try looking in detail at the medial side and outside the property and can tell you if the property is structurally sound. All major and minor defects in the property will also be listed and may reveal what maintenance work are usually necesary either now or in the future. You should make sure the scope of the survey is agreed on paper prior to you commission it. Should the survey identify problems, have used them to negotiate a reduction in the amount prior to you exchange contracts.

Variable Rate

– This is the time the interest you only pay in your mortgage can move up or down depending on changes into the lender’s standard variable rate. For those who have a variable rate mortgage your monthly mortgage payments can change whenever the lender changes the interest rate.


– And here a valuer appointed from your proposed lender, visits the house in an effort to estimate its current value. This value will be utilised by the lender to provide a basis for the security and also to calculate its Loan to Value Ratio. The borrower never sees the valuation. Which includes mortgage deals the lender absorbs the expense of the valuation but many times the borrower has to pay out upfront.

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Insurance Claim Negotiation

INSURANCE CLAIM : You and I. M. Strong, the adjuster from Marble Mountain Insurance, are sitting at your dining table in an attempt to be in your engine vehicle crash insurance claim. Strong is all wound up and on the unpleasant, rambling on and on about how exactly your accidents were not serious.



Insurance claim settlement

INSURANCE CLAIM : You and I. M. Strong, the adjuster from Marble Mountain Insurance, are sitting at your dining table in an attempt to be in your engine vehicle crash insurance claim. Strong is all wound up and on the unpleasant, rambling on and on about how exactly your accidents were not serious. His typical message frequently goes something such as, “Search, I have been at this an extended time. I have written to persons like you, time in and day trip, for over thirty years. Persons who’ve experienced precisely what occurred for you, with the exact same kind of insurance claim as yours. Sure, you had an amount of disquiet however your so-called accidents were routine. Believe me when I inform you they aren’t worth much.”

Types of Insurance Claim

You’re stunned. You can not feel what Strong is wanting to pull. You state, “I have been unhappy! There was number way I could get back to perform due to the pain in my own neck and back.” Strong shift’s in his seat and a victorious look (one that says he knows it all) begins to march across his face. At that point he predictably states, “Search, I could inform you, after managing tens and thousands of instances like yours, that the disquiet you may have had, for a day or two at the most, are somewhat minor. They don’t really even come near to justifying the three week’s of perform you lost and the disability you and your medical practitioner are declaring “. Today you’re thunderstruck!

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He laughs to herself and comes at you from still another angle, “I have observed tens and thousands of instances like yours and I have had significantly more than my reveal of exposure to particular damage statements, examinations, doctor-talk and recovery – – the whole seven yards. I have observed bodily injury at its slightest and its worst. Any determine or jury could know, when they learned about your so-called ‘accidents’that the bodily problems were nearly non-existent “. He’ll take a moment to allow that sink in and then he’ll try to sway you much more by suggesting he can demonstrate your own time lost from perform wasn’t appropriate for the damage involved.

Insurance Claim Process

He’ll touch about about some “separate information” he is apparently collected from your neighbors and/or company contacts, which show you have been involved in “very effective” bodily actions since the accident. Once he lets this 1 sink in he’ll ramble on in regards to the “separate examination” the physician appointed by Marble Hill performed, suggesting, with outrageous assurance, that his doctors Medical Report states there is small, if anything, wrong with you. Then he’ll certainly take to this 1 on for size: “My medical practitioner is a qualified .The just persons he ever considers are these who’ve experienced engine vehicle accidents. That’s what he does all day long long, check out particular damage statements like yours. His report obviously states your bodily problems were nearly non-existent.

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He hums a happy tune to herself as he observes the surprise marching across see your face and that drum overcome he is seen therefore often begins to lb away within the gray subject between his ears: Boom/Boom/Boom, filing, “I gotcha!, I gotcha!, I gotcha!, I gotcha!” In the event that you let Strong escape with this than his test at diminishing your disability will have been successful. As a way of “proving” what occurred to you was not critical he’ll describe your “so-called injuries” with fancy medical language and then compare them to the more extreme types of personal injury issues or conditions he has been managed while in the past. Your implication being your own property have been definitely minimal and also have minor, if perhaps almost any, value.

Insurance Claim Settlement

At that time he will look into the insurance claim in addition to opinions in your own going to physicians Healthcare Report in such a way which often, if you’re not understand accurately, he will require establishes, “You could have also been a little painful via a little damage but it certainly expresses you actually failed to have serious actual problems&ldquo ;.(You can easily choice each greenback in your wallet that will he has been made that will affirmation thousands of times)! You happen to be swiftly finding that nor Adjuster I. M. Formidable neither his supervisors on Corian Mountain Insurance are destined to be fair. They are over to make the most of you. That’s the the video game which is the things they get compensated to do.

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Concern: Is actually that really accurate? Answer: Indeed, this is true. Children Dan, I used to be on that will taking pictures line regarding 30 several years! From that point on a person closed down. You actually function as listener. Allow babble on. When he has been lastly executed, a person declare, “Your details with regards to the injury are certainly interesting. I’d like to discuss these folks in detail having the doctor. Stop and start being active ., “We’ll refer to this as out of for the present time while I go rear in addition to contact him.” Before this individual the answers you have access to right up, giggle, point to the kitchen entry in addition to offer him “Adios “.


In the event this individual balks, break your glance pictures enjoy, let him know you happen to be overdue for someone else scheduled appointment in addition to require a person’s achieving is usually over. He will haven’t any choice although to leave. In the event you do that here’s what you’ll be getting done:

  1. You’ll be getting captured your negotiating “traction” in addition to manage on the adjuster in addition to, if you stay insistent he will certainly not make them back.
  2. Offered notice on him it is a person, not necessarily this individual, who seem to will now call your photos while in the settlement “Strength Game” he has been also been playing.
  3. Satisfied your adjuster that will the settlement will be made on your own conditions, not necessarily his.
  4. Chances are you’ll ask: Ok, My spouse and i used your adjuster out and about in addition to allow politely although certainly find out I’m not thinking about buying into his nonsense. So, whenever evolved receives performed out and about, just what include My spouse and i done?

Insurance Claim Accounting

The correct answer is: I. M. Formidable is usually knowledgeable you‘ve not necessarily bought into his frequency in addition to in his secret soul this individual interprets that will reality. For those in the house company (so because to be aware of the place they will stand) his directions are that will anything that transferred between your both of you is usually place into your report’s this individual will continue to outline, with regards to the settlement talk’s he has been also been acquiring having you. So, the reality that you’re not getting his tale, is going to begin a person’s submit to get understand with that adjusters superiors. Whenever they complete they’ll have simply no choice although in conclusion that you’ll be simply no pushover!

You are going to stick to your firearms since you happen to be correct plus the Healthcare Report a person’s going to doctor performed regarding Adjuster Sensible is usually legit. You know that both a person’s “ache in addition to suffering” in addition to the size of retrieval through the injury, continues to be certainly stated. Sensible offers appropriately believed that will you’re not taking his standard frequency, packed with mumbo-jumbo nonsense, still so frequently works. It really is commencing to daybreak on him if perhaps this individual doesn’t change his practices you are going to give a person instance over to an attorney and his awesome superiors on Corian Mountain / hill will not dancing regarding fulfillment should that will go to pass.

Wait 5-6 many days next call Sensible in addition to question him to get back to talk quite a few more. My spouse and i plain assure a person the very next time a person meet the electricity can have moved within the nook and you will then never again pick up him attempt to lower a person’s injuries. That often relates to cross since he has been got this standard half dozen phrase, a single line memo, via his supervisor on your house company, “Settle that one in addition to shift on.  Corian Mountain / hill is going to reach where they are happy to cover in addition to remove you. Why? Due to the fact injuries promises always pile up in addition to clog the inward bound pipeline. They’ve got loads of some other naive prey capture in addition to take and it’s really apparent you happen to be individuals that’s as well sensible, as well tricky in addition to too difficult so they can fascination having almost any longer.


The only intent behind this insurance claim tip is usually to help those view the generator car or truck accident insurance claim process. Or Dan Baldyga neither (name associated with magazine/newsletter and/or web site) create almost any assure regardless of the sort whosoever; NOR to replacement a legal representative, an insurance adjuster, or promises professional, or perhaps the like. Where like professional help is usually wanted it does not take INDIVIDUAL’S RESPONSIBILITY to get claimed services.

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buyung-1 | Finance

Buyung Afrianto (UCLA ’26) is a serial technopreneur who founded Buyung Technologies Co., Ltd, a holdings company that owns:™ | The latest daily blog site that presents news of the day and the latest news around the world to finance, lifestyle, automotive and sports news. And a very profitable Instagram channel @BuyungAfrianto also Twitter Account @BuyungCo . By doing what he love for living, he brings new meaning to the art of freedom. If I can be of any help or if you would like to do business with me, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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